A quiet, calm place to unite the body and spirit,
rejuvenate your appearance, and restore your sense of well - being

Nancyhunter Blanding

Image of Nancyhunter BlandingWhen I was a little girl I used to watch my older sister scrub her face with a hot wash cloth and slap her cheeks with a powder puff. This was my introduction to skin care and make up. I imitated her techniques until I went to school. There I learned the proper way to care for skin.

As a graduate of Clemson University with a degree in therapeutic recreation. I always knew I would dedicate my life to caring and helping people. Colonial Aesthetics is the ideal environment for me to pursue that dream. As the director, I am dedicated to serving and building relationships with each individual.  

I am also a busy wife and mother of three children and a full-time professional, so I know how important it is for all of us to find the most effective and efficient way to care for ourselves. We can offer little to others if we do not pay attention to our own well-being. So I invite you to come relax, renew your spirit, and unite your body and soul with us. 

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