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Benefits of a Chemical Exfoliation
Integrating daily skin care products with professional treatments will strengthen the skin and aid in the skins ability to function at the optimum level. Chemical exfoliation has been proven to:

This is an example of the process the skin goes through during a chemical exfoliation. In these photos the skin is sloughing to expose the new healthy layers of skin. Results may very based on each individuals skin. In some cases minimal sloughing is evident and a Microdermabrasion treatment aids in the removal of the superficial skin layers.

Treatment Procedure
A client can expect to be greeted by a professional aesthetician, who will explain the procedure and answer all questions. The process is as follows: the skin is cleansed and prepped, then a customized chemical exfoliation is applied, and if needed, it is neutralized and SPF is applied. This appointment lasts approximately 30 minutes. It is recommended to have a follow up appointment 7-10 days after a chemical exfoliation to receive a microdermabrasion for the removal of dead skin.

Important Information

Treatments to Consider

Glycolic Peel Jessener Solution Peel
Lactic Peel Salicylic Peel

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