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Amanda Hardee

Image of Amanda HardeeAmanda graduated from Manning High School and worked in customer service. Through her hard work and consistent dedication to excellence in customer satisfaction she moved into a management and training position. There she shared with others the importance of compassion and understanding  in every situation for each individuals unique needs.

Later Amanda married Jason Hardee and become part of his wonderful family and was blessed to be a stay at home mom after her son was born. It was during this time Amanda become interested in aesthetics. Of course, she had always enjoyed the pampering and relaxation of aesthetics treatments but after researching she saw the importance and benefits of a good skin care regimen. 

At Colonial Aesthetics Amanda has combined her dedication to excellence customer service and her desire to educate and help every individual meet their specific goals. Amanda continues to research her passion for supplement and their many benefits for the body and skin.

Her motto is: Beauty from the inside out!

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