A quiet, calm place to unite the body and spirit,
rejuvenate your appearance, and restore your sense of well - being

Who is Colonial Aesthetics?

Colonial Aesthetics, formerly known to our locals as "The Laser Center of Sumter" strives to bring some big city luxury to our quaint home town, with our emersion as a state-of-the-art day spa. In March of 2009, we expanded our services to meet all of our clients' skin, relaxation, and hair removal needs. In late 2014, not only did we expanded again to accommodate our clients' scheduling needs, but also added the latest technology in body contouring. At our new location, 385 West Wesmark Boulevard, we offer five treatment rooms for privacy and convenience, making us the best spa atmosphere in Sumter.

As new treatments and products are developed and proven, we continually educate our staff to better serve our clients. We utilize the most advanced technologies, diverse alternative therapies and treatment modalities to provide comfortable, non-invasive cosmetic treatments in a professional environment.

Colonial Aesthetics is locally owned and operated. We select the best equipment available to provide the best possible results. We are tied to the community, passionate about excellent care and we are here for the long term.

Meet our skilled staff, who provide the highest quality services in the most inviting environments. Select your staff member in the list provided on the left.

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